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wrens round 2 — egg house!

Bewick’s Wrens round 2 Spring 2013 — Egg House!

Bewick's Wrens nesting ceramic egg house

Wildflowers of Central Texas – Spring 2010 in HD Video

What an amazing Spring we’ve had in Central Texas and the wildflowers have been incredibly abundant! To celebrate the explosion of native flowers in our Austin area homestead, I’m happy to release this high definition video of Central Texas wildflowers on Earth Day 2010!

Once the video starts playing, be sure to switch the video over to 720p HD to see the flowers at their fullest! Change the settings from 360p to 720p and click the “X” arrows to view fullscreen. Click this on the player to change to 720p HD and view fullscreen

Can you say oak pollen?

Life around the hot shop has been a little drippy sneezy lately. The Live Oak seem to be having a good time of it this spring. Good thing we are loaded up on our Zyrtec!

Oak Pollen Austin Texas

Oak Pollen Austin Texas

moon halo january 26, 2010

moon halo over Austin

moon halo january 26, 2010

tree of life blown glass wall art

Tree of Life Blown Glass Art Light
Tree of Life Blown Glass Art Light

hummingbird feeder

Carrie and I have been testing new hummingbird feeder ideas, but we hadn’t tried the most obvious until today. Take a blown glass globe ornament (easier to come by now around here), drill a hole in the bottom, and insert rubber stopper tip. Within a minute after hanging this little guy came by.

homemade hummingbird feeder

easter shower


Easter 2009

first blooms

Crow Poison

Scrambled Eggs

Black-Foot Daisy

winter survivors

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