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wrens round 2 — egg house!

Bewick’s Wrens round 2 Spring 2013 — Egg House!

Bewick's Wrens nesting ceramic egg house

Presenting Apartment Therapy the Recycled Bottle Glass Bell & Hat Pendant Light

This is a video I am submitting to the 2012 Design Showcase. It features my blown recycled bottle glass Bell & Hat Pendant lamp design. Here’s more of my blown glass lighting.

Wolf Art Glass – Bell & Hat Pendant for from Dean Wolf on Vimeo.

Wildflowers of Central Texas – Spring 2010 in HD Video

What an amazing Spring we’ve had in Central Texas and the wildflowers have been incredibly abundant! To celebrate the explosion of native flowers in our Austin area homestead, I’m happy to release this high definition video of Central Texas wildflowers on Earth Day 2010!

Once the video starts playing, be sure to switch the video over to 720p HD to see the flowers at their fullest! Change the settings from 360p to 720p and click the “X” arrows to view fullscreen. Click this on the player to change to 720p HD and view fullscreen

we are austin – austin art glass

Aaron Gross of Austin Art Glass made his Hi-Def debut today in a segment I produced for KEYE42’s new “We Are Austin” show. The program features some of what’s great about Austin and the people that love to keep things weird here. The segment below is from the off-air HD broadcast and includes graphics & music from the show. The video was shot with an HV20 & my coffee table leg steadicam and edited in Final Cut Pro.

click video to begin playing
[qt: 640 376]

glassblowing lesson #3

it’s called the Hot Shop for a reason

shot shop burns

coffee table leg steadicam

here’s a d.i.y. steadicam i built for my hv20. it’s made from an old coffee table leg and pieces from a broken bird feeder

coffee table leg steadicam

coffee table leg steadicam

HV20 35mm SLR Lens Adapter Macro Video Test 1

i shot some macro video test footage around my house this past weekend. the subject is my favorite, tiny insects. my video rig utilizes the highly versatile erector set rubber tire as the adapter between my hv20 and canon slr lens.

[qt: 450 288]

i’ll have to shoot stills next time without the 35mm lens attached for reference of scale. the black bug near the end was about a centimeter long and maybe a millimeter wide. it was pretty amazing to be able to focus in on the pits in its head.

maintaining focus was extremely difficult with this rig. because the lens is about 1/4″ away from the subject, grabbing the focus ring blocked much of the light. gently leaning on the tripod back & forth was the best way i could keep focus for many of the shots.

i’m pleased with the results. i’m hoping to find some more interesting shots this weekend to post.

Canon HV20 Erector set tire 35mm SLR lens adapter test macro photos

here’s the original test photos taken with the Canon HV20 and my Erector set tire 35mm SLR lens adapter rig.

this is a multi-colored led
hv20 still macro photo - multicolor led

here’s a single strand of blue Patternayan needlepoint yarn
hv20 still macro photo - single thread of yarn

hv20 still macro photo - 1951 penny

hv20 still macro photo - pencil on paper markings

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