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Amber Browns & Blues Art Glass Color Inspiration Board

Amber Browns & Sapphire Blue Blown Glass Ball Decor

Our blown glass ornament balls are amazing off-holiday season home decor! We’re currently enjoying them in our sunny kitchen with a mixture of amber browns and Sapphire blues.

look up!

Homeg9look up!

residential blown glass wall art installation by Wolf Art Glass

Residential Blown Glass Wall Art Installation by Wolf Art Glass Residential Blown Glass Wall Art Installation by Wolf Art Glass

ornament inspired glass wall art

We were recently contacted by a potential client who loved the unique color combination of one of our ornament suncatchers and wanted to see if we could make a wall art collection based on it. The ornament is a new color combination that Carrie and I came up with: a mix of pale blues that partially reduce in the flame of the glory hole to form a base of silvery grey, and with our trademark black & white “blossom” bottom.

Silver Blue Blossom Ornament by Wolf Art Glass

When designing new pieces with clients, we often use the Wolf Art Glass ornament page for color inspiration. We have blown suncatcher balls in over 100 colors and combinations, and we continue to expand the variety with every blow.

Below is the first wall platter we crafted in the silvery blue color.

Silver Blue Glass Wall Art by Wolf Art Glass

After gaining approval from the client, we completed the install with two more blue and one purple amethyst glass platter. She was quite happy with her custom wall art collection!

Silver Blue Purple Amethyst Wall Art Collection

recycled glass bell & hat pendant lamp

Recycled Blown Blown Glass Pendant Shade

recycled bottle glass has become a viable choice of medium to craft into lighting shades at our hot shop – Wolf Art Glass. we crush and melt topo chico mineral water bottles to gather onto blowpipes and produce 100% recycled glass art and lighting. it is a fast and challenging glass to craft in, certainly never formulated for glassblowing by hand.

Recycled Blown Blown Glass Pendant Shade

topo chico bottles are a wonderfully subtle sea green transparent glass, same as the familiar coca-cola bottle. we add nothing but heat to the crushed bottles so the color of the original glass is retained, plus thousands of tiny bubbles and whispy streaks are left from the bottles’ applied color labels.

Recycled Seeded Blown Glass Pendant Shade

this blown recycled glass lamp is for sale online at our Etsy store


tree of life blown glass wall art

Tree of Life Blown Glass Art Light
Tree of Life Blown Glass Art Light

Colorful Blown Glass Flower Vases

Here’s a new set of larger blown glass flower shaped vases. These have a white or red layer of color inside the vase (first gather) and a few coats of color frit on the outsides. The sepals are added and tooled hot on the bottoms before adding the feet.

Wolf Art Glass Colorful Blown Glass Flower Vases

cold kiln – colorful blown glass and candy canes

Wolf Art Glass cold kiln with glass candy canes and colorful bowl and plates

blown recycled glass bottle planter

100% recycled glass planter with cactus and soil. Carrie liked the shape this fluted bottle had and thought a plant might like it too. Here’s a blown & fluted Topo Chico glass bottle planter bowl with cactus (native from Dripping Springs), punty bucket glass bits, and twisted bottle glass spires.

Blown Recycled Topo Chico Bottle Glass Cactus Planter

Blown Recycled Topo Chico Bottle Glass Cactus Planter

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